DJ Samples Pack – essential tool for modern DJ

Being a DJ in present time does not mean that you only play previously recorded music. DJ performance includes live acts, advanced mixing and intensive usage of VST and sound effects. You do not only use vinyls or other sound source but also need a computer or other controller device.

This page serves as a place where I will try to share access to good materials for professional DJs. Among these materials, I will be able to show several groups:

To become a real DJ you must constantly improve and gain more knowledge

  • Tips, tricks and tutorials for DJs

How to test noise reducer

dj pack

  • Epic DJ performances, nice ideas and songs



Let’s hope you will find these sections useful so that you will come back here soon. All this resources database will grow in time to become a full sized DJ Samples Pack, VST, FX and Digital Audio Workstation downloads, tutorials, reviews and inspiration for everyday life.

And if you want some free samples packs compatible with most major DAWs, read on. Here you will find a wide selection of professional sample packs for music Artists like you.