How to promote your music?

This is a fundamental question which unsigned musicians, bands, Dj’s and producers need to answer. There are lots of ways. Some of them are easier, some not. There are more legal methods and less legal ones. The most important thing, however, is to be effective.

You will find a great deal of tutorials and tips across the Internet.  But most of them require many hours of hard and boring work, some of  them require much money. There are also methods of getting web fans that turn the results against the user.

How to choose the best method of promoting your music?

Some time ago I have found a nice article on the Lucidsamples blog. The author of this entry gives us 10 reliable tips.

  1. Be a real person. Be sure to enter some valid and intereesting information on your social media channels. This way your listeners will see a human in you and not a robot.
  2. Exchange your content. Write good things about your friend Djs projects, promote music that inspiredy you. Tell your friends about that and they will do  the same for you.
  3. Look good. Use good quality photos and graphics for ilustrations, avataars, cover photos and so on. If you can not do your own, there are plenty oof free stock portals across the web.
  4. Try to be recognizable in several places. Use the same nickname and promote your doings by contributing to many Internet communities.
  5. Before you brag about your work, help others. Share yoour experience, help others by reviewing and solving their problems. You will have more influence when people see an expert inn you.
  6. Don’t compete, cooperate! Exchange news about your works with other members of music communities.
  7. Respect your audience. Treat them good and they will love you and promote your works.
  8. Interact with your fans. Keep in touch, update informaton about your doings. Answer emails and other messages.
  9. Don’t spend money on advertising. It is pointless. To get realresults you need to spend a fortune. Don’t  believe that spending 5 pounds will bring you 5000 new fans! If you have some extra money, spend it on dj samples instead!
  10. Perform gigs! This way you gan experience, meet new people and broaden your fan base. It is so simple that many of us forget this.

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